All IATI data produced by our partners is visualised by the ministry in dashboards. The main dashboard for monitoring activities is METIS. For most dashboards, including this one, the primary audience is internal: our colleagues in charge of monitoring the activities of our partners. However, we know METIS is also used by those partners themselves, so we want it to be as easily accessible as possible.

METIS is used often, internally and by others, but it was created almost five years ago, and in need of an update. We are doing that update in stages. The first stage is now done, and you can see it here. What did we do, and why?

With this update, we want to:

  • Make it easier to find the information you need
  • Make it visually more attractive, and fit on most screens (especially those used in the ministry)
  • Guide people from visuals in the overview page to tabs with more details on the topic
  • Answer frequently asked questions with links to our support website

In this first update, we have brought the most important information forward in an overview page. Here, you will find in one glance the most important factors to be considered in assessing the progress of an activity.

In the near future, we will update the rest of METIS as well. If you have ideas on what we should tackle next, or if you have any other feedback, let us know by sending us an email on We’d love to hear from you!