IATI Guided Implementation 2022-2023

This series of webinars has ended. You can still watch the videos and follow along at your own pace, join the community on the Netherlands Corner (details in the first webinar) and visit the weekly Question Hour to ask a question. All information is still current.

Welcome! IATI Guided Implementation is a programme centered around four webinars in which we demystify IATI in stages. Each webinar, we focus on part of your activity’s data. After each webinar, you have three months to publish that part of the data and get feedback on the results. At the end of this programme, the data will be complete and you will have a good understanding of how IATI works, what each element means, and how we (and others) use your data. You can now take it from here yourself.

Each quarter, you will get:

  • An introductory webinar in which we cover that quarter’s topics, explain why and how, and you can ask questions
  • An online community in which you will find others working on the same topics. You will usually find that you’re not the only one stuck on a certain topic. Ask questions, read tips, and help others if you can. You will also find us there.
  • Weekly Question Hours for live contact with us. These will be smaller online meetings with who ever needs some extra help that week.
  • This website with all resources you need to do each quarter’s work.

Registration is now closed.


19 April 2022 – Kick-Off
How will this programme work, and what do we expect from you?

23 May 2022 – Quarter 1
Activity Structure

What is an activity and how do I set up a structure of activities? How do I deal with sensitive information? How do I make the activity show up on Metis, the ministry’s dashboard? Which other basic information needs to be there?

5 September 2022 – Quarter 2

Which transaction types to use in which situation, and how? How does traceability work? Plus the ultimate test for last quarter… does my organisation show up in Metis?

21 November 2022 – Quarter 3

This quarter is Results Special. How do I set up my result framework in IATI? Which indicator types do I use? How (and why) do I add baselines and targets?

20 February 2023 – Quarter 4
The rest

We focus on some last important elements, like locations. We also discuss some how to publish certain types of projects, like humanitarian activities and COVID-19 programming. Other topics: what to do at the closing of an activity? How can you use your own data for your own benefit? How often should you publish your IATI data from now on? How can you make sure your IATI knowledge is securely embedded in the organisation?