In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, IATI has created specific guidance for organisations publishing COVID-19 related activities using the IATI Standard. The guidance aims to:

a) be quick and simple to implement

b) align with other major humanitarian partners reporting

c) allow users quick and easy access of the data with IATI tools.

Partners of the ministry who are involved in the international effort to address the COVID-19 pandemic are encouraged to publish IATI data on all their activitities. This includes both humanitarian interventions and long-term development activities that are addressing COVID-19 issues.

A summary of the IATI guidance on publishing COVID-19 data is below. For the full guidance and IATI community discussion see


How do I publish data on COVID-19?


For ALL publishers:

1. Add “COVID-19” in the title or description of published activities

Although this may not seem the most sophisticated way of using the IATI standard – with all its available data elements and codes – it is the easiest way to show COVID-19 related activities that can be used by any publisher.

If you are unable to specify COVID-19 in the activity title, please include “COVID-19” in the activity descriptions and/or transaction descriptions.



If you publish humanitarian activities:

2. Humanitarian flag – use the humanitarian attribute

for humanitarian activities and/ or transactions related to COVID-19:

<iati-activity humanitarian=”1″ >

<transaction humanitarian=”1”>

Note: Not all activities  responding to the COVID-19 pandemic will be classified as ‘humanitarian’, so please only use the humanitarian flag where relevant.


If you are able to publish the humanitarian scope element:

3. Use the Humanitarian Scope element

it is recommended that you use both the Emergency (1) and Appeal (2) type codelists and respective vocabulary for GLIDE and Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) codes when reporting activities related to COVID-19.

You should do that by specifying:

  • GLIDE Appeal related to COVID-19- “EP-2020-000012-001”

<humanitarian-scope type="1" vocabulary="1-2" code="EP-2020-000012-001"> </humanitarian-scope>

  • Humanitarian Response Plans related to COVID-19- “HCOVD20

<humanitarian-scope type="2" vocabulary="2-1" code="HCOVD20"> </humanitarian-scope>


4. Tag – use the humanitarian attribute

if you are unable to use any of the above options, you can publish “COVID-19” within the Tag data field. In order to do this, use vocab= “99”, treat it as free text, and add “COVID-19”.

<tag vocabulary="99" code="COVID-19"/>