Question Hour every Thursday

Question Hour is an online hour via Zoom, Thursdays between 14:00 and 15:00, where you can drop in and ask us questions.

The Question Hour is a popular way to contact us directly, when email doesn’t work as well. Maybe the situation is so complicated, that you’d prefer to be able to see our faces while you explain it, or maybe you’re not sure you are even on the right track. Sometimes we ask people to come to the Question Hour, so we can explain it better than we can via email.

Please check first if your question is answered by our FAQ or other articles on this site before joining the Question Hour.

The below Zoom link will be open every week, Thursday between 14:00 and 15:00 Amsterdam time. If no one shows up, we drop the call at 14:30. If we ever need to skip a week, we will tell you here on the Helpdesk website. The Zoom link can also be used by colleagues of the MFA. If necessary, we create breakout rooms so everyone gets enough time to discuss their question. Details:
Meeting ID: 815 5194 8791
Passcode: 345338