Guided Implementation 2022-2023 Q2

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Monday 5 September 2022
11:00 – 12:30 Amsterdam time

Webinar in which we build further on the activities we have created in Quarter 2. We add financial transactions, go into the details of what each transaction type means, and add a few other elements to the activity.

Resources for this quarter:
a. Article ‘Financial transactions’.
b. Article Technical Tip ‘Don’t segment your files’
c. The Powerpoint of the webinar
d. The recording of the webinar

Also be sure to catch up on any work from Quarter 1. As mentioned many times before, that quarter is the basis for all other webinars.

Things to add to your activities this quarter:
a. Incoming funds
b. Outgoing commitments (if you have implementing partners)
c. Disbursements (if you have implementing partners)
Make sure you refer to the relevant partners correctly in all of the above transactions.
d. Expenditures
e. Policy markers (from the OECD DAC list)
f. Contact info
g. Document links
h. The ‘four fields’: aid type, flow type, finance type, tied status.

Your deadline: please publish before November 1st. This gives us time to check your data before Quarter 3 and you can still make corrections.