IATI Guided Implementation 2022-2023 – Q4

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Monday 20 February 11:00-12:30 Amsterdam time. Please check the time for your location!

The last webinar! In which we cover the last remaining elements of IATI, but also some important other aspects of running your activities from here. What do you do from now on in the activities we have worked on this year? And what do you do when it closes? Why should you treat COVID-19 projects and humanitarian activities differently than other?

Your work after this webinar

Your resources for this quarter:

a. The guidelines on COVID-19 activities.
b. The humanitarian guidelines.
c. The Technical Tip: what to do when a project ends.
d. If you expect a bad connection or want to review the slides, download the PowerPoint slides
e. The video about creating a Power BI dashboard from IATI files, by Alyona Skovorodnikova.
f. The below video of the webinar.

Things to add to your activities in this quarter:

a. Apply COVID-19 guidelines where relevant.
b. Apply humanitarian guidelines for the relevant activities.
c. Add specific locations where relevant.
d. Please double check if you are visible in Metis. If not, check here what to do about that (question 1).
e. If you want, we can check our data one last time to see if it all went well.