Guided Implementation 2022-2023 Q3

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Monday 21 November 2022
11:00 – 12:30 Amsterdam time

Webinar in which we build further on the activities we have created in Quarter 1. In Quarter 2, we added financial transactions. This quarter, we are adding everything surrounding results. This is an important and often time-consuming part of IATI data, especially during set up of your data. It is also important to have cleared up any issues around the result framework before adding it to IATI.

Resources for this quarter:

a. This article on results
b. The Technical Tip: Fill In Your Baseline
d. The Technical Tip: Aggregation Status, yes or no?
d. For those who publish SCS activities: the full guidelines are here and the indicator vocabulary you should refer to is here.
e. Please double check if you are visible in Metis. If not, check here what to do about that (question 1).
f. For questions, come to our Question Hour, details in the Netherlands Corner under ‘events’.
g. The Question Hour on December 1st will be focusing on SCS so any MEL related questions on the SCS partnerships, please join us there.
h. The recording of the webinar below. Please note: in the Aidstream demo, it is initially shown how to add the basket indicator code in the result. As stated later, this is incorrect. There is space for a reference code in result, but our basket indicator code goes in the indicator.

Also be sure to catch up on any work from Quarter 1 and 2.

Things to add to your activities this quarter:
a. All results you expect to measure during this project
b. Result type for each result
c. All indicators related to these results
d. Under reference: vocabulary, code, and vocabulary uri – for each indicator
e. Baselines – for each indicator
f. Aggregation status – for each indicator
g. Measure – for each indicator
h. Underlying periods for each indicator, including start and end date
i. Targets and actuals on the periods where they apply

Your deadline: please publish before January 20th. This gives us time to check your data before Quarter 4 and you can still make corrections.