Are you a new publisher, or would you simply like some help with your publication? In that case, you are invited to IATI Guided Implementation.

What is it?

The one year guided implementation will be centered around four quarterly online guidance webinars, during which the MFA will help you strengthen your IATI publication. Together, we will take your IATI activity from zero to a good base structure to build on for the years to come. Besides webinars there will be an online community where you can find support from others and from us, and weekly consultation hours.
The online community will remain active after this first year, and we hope that it will be an ongoing source of knowledge, support, and discussion.

For whom?

Guided Imlementation is meant for all partners of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs who are new to IATI publishing or who want to improve their knowledge and the quality of their IATI data. If you think you could use some help, this programme is for you.

What is expected from my organization when we join?

You will be asked to join the webinars, publish every quarter on the subjects covered in the webinar, and if you can, help others in the online platform. If you need extra support, you can join consultation meetings which are held weekly. After the year of Guided Implementation, you will be able to take it from there yourself.


Webinars will be planned quarterly. The first session planned is: 

IATI guided implementation “kick off”

Monday May 10th  9:00 -10:30 CET  or 16:00 – 17:30 CET

Pick the one most convenient for you. Zoom links will be shared.


Want to join us? Great! Please sign up below. We advise you to sign up with at least one buddy within your organisation. After all, two remember more than one, and this way, if one of you moves on to a different organisation, the IATI knowledge doesn’t leave as well.

Register here.

If you haven’t yet, we also advise you to subscribe to the Dutch IATI Newsletter for updates on this programme and other IATI news from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.