Check the following:

  • Did you fill in baseline, actual, and target? Or did you fill it with something else than numbers? Putting ‘n/a’ in a baseline or target, for example, will trip METIS because it expects numbers. If your baseline is zero, type ‘0’ and not ‘n/a’ or similar. See also our Technical Tip on baselines.
  • Is ‘aggregation’ in each result and each indicator set to ‘true’? If they are numerical and can be aggregated, please make sure it says so in the details of the results area. Sometimes results or indicators are not suitable for aggregation. In that case, they will still be visible in the tab for detailed results but not in aggregated visuals. More information is in our Technical Tip on aggregation status. It is also possible to have qualitative indicators. Those, too, will not be visible in visuals but are present in the detailed results section.
  • If it’s none of the above, email us at with a link to the file in the IATI registry.

It is, by the way, extremely useful to add baselines and targets. For output indicators, your baseline will almost always be 0. Your data will be much more useful if you add baselines and targets where ever you can.