There are several possible causes. Please check the following:

  • Are there transactions of type 1 (incoming funds) or 11 (incoming commitment)? If they are not in your IATI file, the activity of the organisation doesn’t link back to the MFA activity.
  • Do the incoming funds and incoming commitments have the correct provider-activity-ID? It’s possible the provider-activity-id is missing or incorrect. More information on how to fix that is in this Technical Tip.
  • Has the organisation started publishing in IATI recently, or is it a new partner for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Metis perhaps hasn’t picked up the data yet. Email us (see below) and we will check.

If it’s none of the above, email us at with a link to the file in the IATI registry and if possible the ID of the MFA activity it should refer back to, and we will have a look.