All IATI data produced by the ministry and its partners is visualised in dashboards. You may already know the main one: METIS, the dashboard for monitoring progress in activities. For most dashboards, including this one, the primary audience is internal. However, we know METIS is also used by our partners themselves, so we want it to be as easily accessible as possible.

METIS was created almost seven years ago, when our IATI journey just got started. Since then, the needs have changed considerably, so it was high time that METIS got an update. It took quite a while and lots of input from colleagues, but the result is finally here. We are very happy with it; we hope that you consider it an improvement as well.

Our main goal was to make everything much more accessible and easier to understand. The most important information has been given centre stage, but details are still accessible when needed.

If you have feedback, positive or negative, please let us know! Feedback helps us understand what is missing and what works well. Email us at

Can’t find yourself in METIS? Have a look at our FAQ what could be the reason.

UPDATE: METIS is now available, along with all other public dashboards, on