How your data is used by others

In the last webinar of Guided Implementation 2021-2022, we showed you some examples of what happens with IATI data, including yours, after it has been published. Below are those examples for a closer look.

COVID-19 financial data flow from the UN OCHA data story

UN OCHA data story on Covid-19 data: which shows some insights on COVID-19 data.

• 4W maps: Who does What, Where, and When? By Athira Lonappan. Humanitarian aid doesn’t always end up where it is most needed. Watch the video to see how Lonappan improves this situation by using public IATI data to map an area even before a disaster strikes.

The Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving uses your IATI data to find out: which development activities are happening in a certain area? Wouldn’t it be better if they were aware of each other? Maybe they could join forces or avoid getting in each other’s way.

Somalia Local Activity Explorer which maps activities in Somalia using a combination of IATI and UN OCHA data