The results section of the IATI Standard can get very complicated. Especially if you have many results and indicators, this part of your publication likely will take a big chunk of your time.

One section of the result area was added in the Standard in version 2.02: the dimensions element. It allows you to subdivide your indicator periods in two or more aspects. It is, however, practically impossible in current form to analyse this information in any meaningful way. It is very prone to typos and differences in wording.

For this reason, we ask you not to use dimensions in your data on activities funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Or rather, if you use them, make sure the disaggregation in the indicators from our indicator codelist is visible without them. This means that each disaggregation has its own indicator – more details in our Publishing Guidelines and, if applicable, in the Strengthening Civil Society guidelines. The easiest is not to use dimensions at all for the indicators on our codelist, but if you do, remember that dimensions will be disregarded in our dashboard and other analysis.

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