Last March, during the annual Members’ Assembly of IATI, the Netherlands presented our view on IATI, why we consider it so important, and what we do to support the partners to publish IATI data. The IATI members in the room and online were especially impressed by the quality of the data that our implementing partners – that’s you – publish. This data combined makes an impressive network. It also gives us a wealth of vital information.

The session is not available publicly, but we have since received various requests to give the same presentation again. To make the contents available, we recorded a slightly altered (and somewhat improvised…) version for you to watch here.

The session consisted of four parts.

  1. From 0:00: An introduction to our network of partners, which form an impressive visual which is shown live, and what makes IATI vital in our opinion, both for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and for the development sector as a whole.
  2. From 15:17: Herman van Loon presents a tool which makes supporting our implementing partners a bit easier. More information on this tool, including how to sign up, is also available here.
  3. From 20:07: Herman presents our ‘countries dashboard’ which is used to get insights on where we work. This dashboard is unfortunately not publicly available, but is becoming quite popular in the ministry.
  4. From 27:49: Thea presents the Strengthening Civil Society dashboard. Originally during the event, this was presented more thoroughly by Cobi Mars, a Senior Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Advisor in the ministry, who was unable to record this session with us in time for the newsletter, so we gave you a summary of what this dashboard contains and how Cobi uses it.