Your data is being used by the ministry and others all the time, but it is only usable if it is correct and complete. To make publishing good quality data easier for you, we have developed a new tool which sends you feedback by email after each publication.

How does this work? Each time you publish, we import that data into our database. If you are signed up for this service, we then send out an email to an email address of your choosing, with a report attached. For the content of this report, we use the IATI Validator, with one added check: did you use a valid provider activity identifier in the incoming transactions? (Read here why that is so important.) In future, we may add other checks which are not available in the IATI Validator.

Some early testing with a small group of partners shows that they find it useful and use it in their publishing routine. Someone said: “I don’t actively go to the Validator anymore, because if there is a mistake, I will find out from the email.” and another tester: “The email helps to find mistakes, but it also confirms that the ministry has received our data, so I find it reassuring.”

High time to make this available to you as well! We are convinced that this feedback email will help you improve your data with each publication. The automated way in which this happens, creates room for us to focus on more in-depth help in cases where that is needed. With a growing number of partners which we support, this makes this tool very valuable.

Please sign up below and use the feedback from the email each time you publish. It is not mandatory, but we highly recommend it.