You may have read in an earlier newsletter that IATI is working on its own, free publishing tool. That tool now has a name: IATI Publisher. And it needs your help, especially if you are a small publisher.

The tool does what Aidstream and other tools do as well: you fill in the information on your activities, and the tool turns that into IATI data. The developers want to make that as easy as possible, as they explain in their message: ‘The new tool aims to be simple and intuitive, making publishing easier for organisations.’

Why do they need your help? Because you know, like nobody else, what you need. A user friendly tool will need users to tell the developers what they need, where they went wrong, what works well, and what doesn’t. But what if you don’t really understand IATI yet? You’re the perfect tester. What if you have maybe one or two activities? Again, you are a great tester. You don’t need experience as a tester. You will be guided through the process, and again, the point is to find out how the regular user feels about using the tool. Good IATI data needs good tools, and good tools need realistic user tests.

Register your interest

If you would like to be involved in testing IATI Publisher, send an email now to You will get a reply from the IATI Technical Team which will explain how the test works and schedule a session with you. Testing is due to start very soon so send that email now!