‘Guided Implementation’ is our programme centered around four webinars in which we demystify IATI in stages. Each webinar, we focus on part of the data of an activity. Next webinar will be on January 10th, and deals with results and indicators. A tough subject in IATI for many publishers, so this webinar is eagerly anticipated.

Each quarter, participants publish the data covered in the webinar, help each other in the online community, and get feedback from us after publication. The results webinar is the third in a series of four, so we’re well on our way. If you haven’t taken part yet, you’ve missed some interesting stuff, but you can still watch this webinar, or even join the whole programme. If at all possible, watch the recordings of the past webinars beforehand, even if you’re only interested in the results section of IATI. The most important reason we ask you to do that, is that a lot of issues surrounding results are caused by a faulty structure of activities. This can easily happen in programmes with a parent-child relationship between activities, and in consortiums of several organisations running a programme together. If you set up your structure correctly, results are much easier.

It’s going to be a full session, so we won’t be able to revisit activity structure, but you can watch the recording online. We hope that will be useful anyway, and most of all, we hope to see you on January 10th! To join, take the following steps:

  • Sign up for the IATI Connect website
  • Join the Netherlands Corner there
  • Watch the past webinars under ‘Content’ (only visible if you’re logged in and a member of the group)
  • See the details of the webinar under ‘Events’ (if you can’t see it, log in)
  • Join us through the Zoom link on January 10th, 14:00 CET