We are planning to update our Publishing Guidelines, the document that outlines the requirements we have for your data, and explains how to do it. By giving it an update, we want it to be easier to use and to make sure it helps you in the sometimes confusing job of IATI publishing.

This means we need your help. If you have opinions (positive and negative) on the current guidelines, let us know. The better we understand how you use the Guidelines and where you find them less user-friendly, the better we can make the update.

So please help us out and let us know your thoughts, for example:

  • What do you find most useful in the current guidelines?
  • What makes no sense?
  • What do you think doesn’t get explained in enough detail?

And any other feedback you might have. Perhaps you think we should use more imagines, or different ones, have other languages available (currently English and French)… We are happy with all opinions.

Please don’t worry about a negative impact on your relationship with the Ministry. The Helpdesk Open Data doesn’t determine funding or evaluate activities, we just help you getting your data right. Besides, the Guidelines are an important factor in our support, and with your feedback, we can make it a better document.

You can share your feedback by one of the following: