DRAFT Humanitarian Guidelines

Following the Grand Bargain commitment that aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of humanitarian action, in December 2015 a number of changes were made to the IATI Standard (version 2.02), to make IATI better fit for publishing humanitarian activities. Subsequently IATI version 2.03 contains a number of changes to further enhance the IATI standard for humanitarian purposes.

In order to harness this potential to gain better insight in humanitarian activities the ministry has developed draft guidelines on how these new elements should be used: based on the initial draft that was shared by Developement Initiatives, in collaboration with UN OCHA and through consultations with other partners. Through this process we aim to achieve a common understanding and use of these data elements, serving multiple use cases – e.g. informing UN OCHA’s Financial Tracking Service (FTS).

This document is considered as an addendum to “How to use the IATI Standard, Publication Guidelines for Partners, Contractors and Suppliers of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs”.

Attached is the latest draft document, which is now open for feedback. Discussions about the document are facilitated at the IATI Discuss platform.