When MinBuZa funds an alliance, a consortium or a public-private partnership (PPP), who is responsible for the publication of the progress of an activity using the IATI standard?

The lead partner of a consortium is responsible for the fact that reporting is done properly. However, it is up to the lead partner to determine whether it wants to report all progress information itself, or whether consortium members publish their own information themselves.

A special case is the strategic partnership alliance. In such alliances a partnership document is signed by more than one (strategic) partner of the ministry. In these cases, the principle guideline is that organizations should only publish data they collect themselves and for which they are directly accountable. This means that each partner in an alliance publishes its own information. If this is done using the Guidelines of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, linkages between all partners collaborating in a partnership will be traceable and can be visualized through a dashboard.

In cases where there are overarching results, such results should be published in the parent activity; while at the same time the detailed results are published connected to the underlying implementing activities. If all partner organizations involved follow the same guidelines, the interrelatedness of their activities (and results) will become clear from the IATI datasets. If all partners synchronize their results and indicators these relations become even more apparent.