Progress overview

Expected to find the data of a certain organisation in Metis, but they’re not there?
Below is an overview of the publishers we currently monitor. If you find you are missing on the list, or expected to see a publisher that is not on the list please send an email to

How to read the overview
Before the ministry can process your data a number of steps need to be assured:
1. You need to publish IATI data and register your dataset on the IATI registry
2. Your dataset should be available to download (column D).
3. Your data needs to validate according to the IATI Standard (column E). You can test your own files here. The IATI dashboard also provides feedback on the validity of your files.
4. Your data needs to contain a valid reference to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (column G) or – if you work in an alliance or partnership – to the lead organisation of the alliance. This last check is currently a manual process.

Once these minimum requirements are met your data will be processed and will be shown in the ministry’s dashboard (Metis).