Guided Implementation Kick-Off – 10 May 2021

Pick a time: 9:00-10:30 CET or 16:00-17:30 CET
Register here. Zoom links will be shared after registration.

Please note that this is outdated content. The new round will have slightly different content, and the webinar will be different. Sign up for Guided Implementation 2022-2023 here.

Your homework after this webinar

  • Register on the IATI Registry and get an Organisation ID (only if your organisation never published in IATI before)
  • If you will use Aidstream, register for an account there (core version – only if your organisation doesn’t have an account already)
  • Sign up on the Netherlands Corner on IATI Connect and introduce yourself
  • Sign up for the Dutch IATI Newsletter
  • Discuss internally: what is an activity according to your organisation?
  • Collect as much relevant information on these activities as you can
  • Don’t forget the next webinar, June 7th!