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Why my organisation does not appear as a publisher in METIS2?

Francesco Metti - MSI

Marie Stopes International (MSI) publishes in IATI via AidStream. We have 3 activities funded by the Ministry and we have linked them to the Ministry identifier (XM-DAC-7) in the Participating Organisation section, where the Ministry is listed with Funding organisation role. However, MSI does not even appear as a publisher in METIS2. Please note that in IATI and in other portals such as D-portal we can see the activities as well as the indication that the Ministry is the donor. What have we missed?

Anonymous answered

Before a new publisher is added to the METIS dashboard, the ministry carries out a manual check to determine if the data could cause issues.

The Marie Stopes data are now available in METIS.

minbuza answered


I am facing a similar issue for the activity being performed by International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC). We (IFDC) publish in IATI via aidstream. We have a funded activity by the Ministry for Benin and we have linked the activity to the Ministry identifier XM-DAC-7 as the funding organization.  However, it seems IFDC activity is not being recognized as a publisher in METIS2. We can see the output published in IATI registry and d-portal, indicating Ministry as the Donor. Please help!!!

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IGG has been funded a UNICEF WASH program since 2012 (and also supports UNICEF unearmarked by the way); however, UNICEF does not appear in METIS, so I cannot respond to some questions regarding submitted annual reports. could you add UNICEF as a renowned IATI publisher?

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