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Why is IDLO not in


I am wondering why the IDLO activities are not shown in METIS. We have two activities (4000000031 and 4000000551) and both are not in METIS. In the IATI registry I can see that IDLO is a publisher and that they do upload data for quite some activities.

Anonymous answered

In their activity file IDLO refers to MinBuza 11 times, using identifier XM-DAC-7. Unfortunately they don’t yet refer to our activities (XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000000031 and XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000000551), therefore we’re unable to link their data to the ministry’s data.

I’ll send them an email to inform about the issue.

pelleaardema answered

Dear reader,

For all the IDLO- activities in METIS there is no information about results. Is this also caused by a ” missing link” ?

Anonymous answered
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