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Number of characters for “narrative” indicator progress

Jurrie de Hart

I hope I am not posting this message three times. I had some trouble logging into the helpdesk. Apologies if so.

I am assessing how to insert our baseline, target, and current situation information for our indicators into IATI.

Our indicators are qualitative, and we translate this information into standard scales. If I am correct we can insert the scale in the numeric value in IATI, and we can add a brief explanation of the qualitative information in the “narrative” under “comments” for each indicator.

For the baseline, and target situation we plan to insert the scale, and a brief narrative explanation. For the current situation (during project implementation) we plan to add a brief analyses as well. I see two options. We can add a document with the analysis. Or we can add the analyses into the “narrative”.

Now I am wondering: “is there a maximum of characters for the “narrative” explanation per indicator?”

Looking forward to hearing from you.

pelleaardema answered

Hi Jurrie,

From a technical perspective there doesn’t seem to be a maximum number of characters. The data engine at the ministry also supports a huge maximum of characters (~4 mln – 16mln)

That said: keep in mind that most users of your data will want to read the narrative on (a part of) a screen. Texts up to 1/3 A4 may still be readable on screen, larger texts are probably better put in documents.

pelleaardema answered
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