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new activities not showing in Dashboard Ministry?

Annemarie Stolp

Recently (31 August) we have added 4 activities to our IATI file. They are visible in the IATI registry. But in the dashboard of the Ministry they are not showing. Example: Getting Down To Business, your activity nr PPR-4000000295

Something to fix on our side or your side or together? Looking forward to receive your feedback.

Annemarie Stolp answered

Hi Annemarie,

I’ve taken a look at your dataset. When the activity nr is “PPR-4000000295” the full IATI Activity id is “XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000000295”.

If you change the provider-activity-id in the incoming fund/incoming commitment transactions of the respective activity to “XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000000295” the activity should appear in the dashboard.

pelleaardema answered
Annemarie Stolp

Dear Pelle,

thanks, ofcourse! Complete oversight. By the way for our earlier activities we used NL-1, you would advise us to change that to XM-DAC-7 too?

next question: an activity with funding received through Dutch Embassies? Provider is XM-DAC-7 too?

Annemarie Stolp answered
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