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new activities not showing in Dashboard Ministry?

Annemarie Stolp

Recently (31 August) we have added 4 activities to our IATI file. They are visible in the IATI registry. But in the dashboard of the Ministry they are not showing. Example: Getting Down To Business, your activity nr PPR-4000000295

Something to fix on our side or your side or together? Looking forward to receive your feedback.

Annemarie Stolp answered
Annemarie Stolp

Dear Pelle,

thanks, ofcourse! Complete oversight. By the way for our earlier activities we used NL-1, you would advise us to change that to XM-DAC-7 too?

next question: an activity with funding received through Dutch Embassies? Provider is XM-DAC-7 too?

Annemarie Stolp answered

Hi Annemarie,

I’ve taken a look at your dataset. When the activity nr is “PPR-4000000295” the full IATI Activity id is “XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000000295”.

If you change the provider-activity-id in the incoming fund/incoming commitment transactions of the respective activity to “XM-DAC-7-PPR-4000000295” the activity should appear in the dashboard.

pelleaardema answered
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