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Focus on results or commitments for design IATI activities


Dear helpdesk,

In the design of our IATI activities, we were wondering if the ministry has a preference or advice regarding the timespan of activities to be uploaded in IATI.

When focusing on IATI as a system to report programme results, we were thinking of uploading activities for the entire programme period (e.g. a country programme for 5 years). This would allow us to set targets for the 5 year programme and show progress towards the end result over the 5 subsequent years.

On the other hand, the set-up of IATI clearly focuses on one year-budgets, commitments and disbursements. Following this logic, we should upload IATI activities per project contract. 

Does the ministry has a preference regarding one of the above?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Anonymous answered

Dear Maya,

we strongly recommend that you visualise in your dataset what you are doing. The standard is a means to be used to describe in the best possible way what you are doing, what you aim for and what you are achieving.

Having said this, it is very difficult to advise on the basis of the info provided. Results at programme level might be at outcome level and therefore more likely to show progress near the end. Results at activity level might be more at output level which can be planned and achieved on an annual basis.

In short, nothing prevents you from indicating results at both programmatic and activity level. Whatever suits you best.

Anonymous answered
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