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Extension of reporting deadline

k.kolsteeg (anonymous)

Due to summer holidays, we would prefer to have an extension of one month (before 30 August) for uploading our IATI data. Does this require a formal request to the Ministry?

pelleaardema answered

As we are still in the initial phase of the reporting via the IATI standard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not very strict when it comes to compliance of the frequency of publication of IATI updates. The ministry prefers that partner organisations for now focus on the quality of the data sets rather than on the timeliness of the publication. Minor delays in the date of publication of IATI updates are accepted at this stage.

However, once IATI reporting has become more integrated in our way of working, the ministry will be more strict and will also start monitoring the timeliness of the publications of IATI updates.

In this case a formal request for the extension of the submission date is not required.

pelleaardema answered
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